Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display
Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display

Waterfall Workstation Kitchen Sink Set With Digital Temperature Display


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Digital Temperature Display
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The LivingBing waterfall workstation kitchen sink is designed with honeycomb embossed and nano-coated, fine-line brushed finish that makes it resistant to chipping, cracking or burning and appearance is more elegant. It can match glass rinser (included in the package), which makes the sink more useful. The waterfall faucet can be switched between waterfall mode and faucet mode by 'Piano Button'. The digital temperature display (battery-free and shown on Celsius only) allows you do the cleaning at the optimum temperature. 

Key Features

✅ Piano Keys

✅ Digital Temperature Display

✅ Cup Washer

✅ Pull Out Faucet

✅ Waterfall

✅ Scratch Resistant Design

✅ Hot & Cold water regulator

✅ Drain Switch

Scratch-Resistant Honeycomb Embossed Surface

The surface of this kitchen sink is designed with nano-coating and embossment, which is not easy to leave water stains and oil stains and improves scratch resistance and durability.

Waterfall & Temperature Display Design

waterfall out mode allows you enjoy washing vegetables and fruits. The digital display (battery-free) allows you to control the usage and temperature of water (Temperatures are shown in Celsius and cannot be adjusted to Fahrenheit).

Multiple Outlet Modes

The pull-out faucet has multiple water outlet modes, which can be used in different kitchen scenes, greatly improving the functionality of the kitchen faucet and cleaning efficiency.

  • 3mm thick stainless steel top, stylish grey
  • One-piece tap design, including cup washer, pure water tap, 1 waterfall tap, 1 pull-out tap and drainage control switch.
  • Four water outlet modes: 3 modes for faucet, 1 waterfall mode
  • Double track design for rational partitioning and improved efficiency
  • Three piano keys, independent control of 3 water outlet modes, a variety of styles, more convenient to use
  • Digital display screen, clear display of water temperature and use time
  • Rich accessories, reasonable zoning, efficient work, bring you a new kitchen experience

Package Includes

  • Inner Basin
  • Drainage basket
  • Chopping Board
  • Glass rinser
  • Pull out faucet
  • Drinking faucet
  • Angle Valves

  • Digital display

    By means of hydropower, the water temperature and time of use can be displayed once the tap is turned on. It will alert you to save water and energy, bringing you a healthier and better life.

  • 3 piano keys

    Innovative design with icons on the buttons for independent control of the cup washer, waterfall and pull-out tap. You can switch between the three applications at will.

  • Waterfall mode

    When you use the waterfall mode, you will have a soft, large flushing experience. Soft and splash-free, it cleans more thoroughly and is easier to use.

  • Pull-out tap

    With 3 water outlet modes

    Retractable range of approximately 30-50 cm

    When you press the button, you can switch between modes at will, making it easier to use

  • Rotatable switch

    Blue for cold water and red for hot water, you can switch between them whenever you need to.

  • Drain control switch

    When you have finished cleaning, you can use this switch to drain the water directly without having to put your hands in the dirty water, making it cleaner and more convenient.

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